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August 2001, Uni-President company began production of cattle feed, the concept of our business is "a reasonably good three", which is good service, good quality, good credit and reasonable price. We use the most modern manufacturing techniques, the most strict quality management system to produce cattle feed products to suit customer requirements, quickly build the brand in our customers.

About technical department

Technical department of the company making the formula for industrial feed production by the most advanced mixing technique and invited consultants and using technology in Taiwan based on good achievement of farming households to conduct adjustment formula.

About QA department

The company's purchased materials was strictly tested by type according to state’s regulation and warehousing, ensure the material is always good to produce the kind of quality high cattle feed.

About Production department

Production department produces all kinds of cattle feed with dedicated high-end lines are imported from Switzerland, strictly controlled conditions in the manufacturing process to produce cattle feed product with high and stable quality.

About Breeding farms

Sales Staff of Sales Central, Eastern and South West Region offer kinds of products such as pork bran, cow bran, laying duck bran, hens bran, industrial and garden chickens bran, quail bran. Marketing staff to support clients improve farming techniques. The company constantly improve the quality of cattle feed for customers get good breeding results and develop the company.