The instant noodle factory of Uni- President Vietnam company has started operating on 15/12/2001. The products quickly conquered markets and consumers thanks to It's great quality, various and unique taste.  The growth rate is up to 30% - 40% yearly, especialy the consumption reached 10,000,000 boxes in 2004, accounting for 20% of the market's consumption and become the second largest instant noodle brand in Vietnam. Recently, three productive lines are all over capacity, therefore the company is planning to increase new production lines. Moreover, to meet the needs of the Northern market, the company is making plans to establish a branch in Quang Nam as well as being more convenient for transportation from central to north area.

Besides focusing on developing in domestic market, the Food Industry has been widely distributed to markets in Asian countries and is proceeding into African markets. Products of Uni- President could easily pass stringent quality tests not because of it's large scale but also has equipped with modern equipments  which are imported from the world's leading supplier - CCK(Japan). Applying closed producting process from selecting, mixing, rolling, molding to packaging. All these process have been done by machines under the strict supervision of high skilled workers, making high quality products and distributing into developed country markets such as France, Germany, USA, Australia, ...

After nearly 10 years of operation, the instant noodles products of Uni-President have created a great reputation  in the hearts of customers and received the great support of a large number of consumers with brands such as: Vua Bep, Unif Noodle, Tieu Nhi, ... The products have been become necessary food in the cabinet of everyone, which is the first choice food in busy days.

Uni-President always strives to provide customers with the best quality products, with modern producting techniques and strict application of HACCP Quality Management system, ISO 22000: 2005 . Hope satisfy  the customers and bring them the best quality products.