Uni - President Group was formally established on July 1, 1967 in Taiwan, with 80 employees, invested NT $ 32 million, this is the first step to create a firm foundation for the development of food industry for the future. After continuous efforts, the company's product development from Taiwan to China, Asia and Global and keep the leading position, Uni-President is a multinational corporation, there are now over one hundred companies possessed by Uni-President Group which are active in countries around the world. Although time does not stop change, but Uni-President has always maintained the business concept is " 3 good with a fair ", "honest and diligence," "progressive creation" to serve customers.

To accomplish the business goals, Uni-President has built factories and established business distribution systems, a system for receiving goods, retail outlets scattered all over the world, the united cooperation for mutual development, like an orchestra, each dedicated to a good music director of his role, much more is to coordinate with other musicians, has always had a good relationship with each other in the musical performance in order to bring success in the show.

The Uni-President is pursuing two business strategies as "high growth" and "business diversification", increase investment and cooperation with other enterprises on the international prestige to acquire enterprise management concepts and reach world-class. Currently, Uni-President Group includes business related to food, finance, foreign trade, entertainment, commercial, advertising, electronics and other industries and there have been innovative breakthroughs, model for the second largest industry.