With the desire to please and make the most benefit to customers, Mr Cheng said: "The company always focuses on providing customers the best quality products with modern manufacturing techniques and applying quality management system ISO 9001/2000 and HACCP. "

November/2007, after a period of supervision and inspection, the world SGS certification organization officially recognized and granted a certificate of international standard ISO 22000 for manufacturing plant of aquatic food and seeds. Thus, the Uni-President Vietnam has officially become the first aquatic food production company in Vietnam tested the ISO 22000 by SGS organization. The reason for this is that ISO 22000 is combined from ISO9001 and HACCP with much more difficult requirements; so applying this new standard requires more time and resources. But with the principle of "quality is the survival", right after from the building, the company immediately apply the standard ISO 9001, HACCP and during operation, the company always researches and applies immediately the new quality requirements. Therefore, when the ISO 22000 standard system was established, Uni-President Vietnam can rapidly deploy for application. Also, with ISO 22000, the company continues to pioneer in ensuring the sustained commitment of quality to customers. Because this system includes the standard requirements for food safety management system which applies to "supply chain, food production from farm to the meal". In particular, ISO 22000 provides a way to better management of quality, and establishes a food hygiene safety management in the production process, prevents or reduces maximum the risks to food safety and ensures food safety for consumers. As a seafood exporter, Vietnam is facing with the management trend of product quality and safety seriously, the efforts of Uni-President Vietnam is greatly appreciated and needs to expand.

To find out the actual work to ensure quality, we had a chance to visit to aquatic food factory and saw the stages of the products inspection process. Talking to Mr. Kuo Chin Chi - Director of the production department of Uni-President Vietnam. Mr. Kuo said: "All production activities are to tend to the requirements of international standards on food safety and hygiene management system and original navigational system in the production of seed and aquatic food". Indeed, Uni-President carefully selected each ingredient and find out the original the from suppliers to ensure the security of raw material. All inputs are checked from the stage of labeling, purchasing, delivery, batch number and date of manufacture as well as the compliance with other regulations. The company always looking for leading suppliers and making good relationships with suppliers to ensure the stability and quality of output products. The traceability of the product is fully compliance by the company through the entire store track record of the production process. We can say, Uni-President particularly strict in matters of food safety and quality control to ensure products are produced in accordance with animal and consumers' health.

Although the domestic market has been formed and developed during a long period with low price, but the Uni-President has consistently maintained the quality standards in many ways, even accepting lower profit on products to increase competition. This is a solid basis to offer customers the best service.