High-quality products is one thing but to be with a large customer or not is another story. Understanding this, Uni-President constantly researching and developing new products, entering each farm, each family to understand the thoughts and aspirations of consumers.

With the aim of research must be directed to customer demand, particularly in the fisheries sector (currently the main branch of the Uni-President Vietnam), the company is a pioneer in the discovery of aquaculture species planting, food ingredients and new recipes as well as analytical methods and technology of food production. Experts from the Uni-President came from the leading university on nutrition from Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and more recently (such as the University of Fisheries, Agriculture and Forestry University ...). Their mission is to identify the product formulas based on nutritional needs of each fish species, culture environment, which when released to the market products are available consumers. Currently, Uni-President's products are diversed, including food for marine fish (grouper, barramundi, Squeeze, parallel, trap red), prawn, and food for aquatic sweet as: fish (catfish, tilapia, network,, copy, copy cotton, islam, pineapple), prawn, crayfish, crab, frogs, fish. The food products dedicated to this market is highly valued, there was period that production could not meet actual needs. Those situations made company’s leader concerned, therefore reserve system has been focused on, and plan of outside processors but there is strict supervision from the testing department of the company. All to ensure that the diverse range of products of company satisfied the farmers, both in quantity and quality.

One of the important forces to bring products and services of the Uni-President to the consumer is business team, more than 100 technicians in charge of technical consultants throughout Vietnam from Quang Ninh to Ca Mau, more than 100 technicians in charge of technical consultant throughout Vietnam from Quang Ninh to Ca Mau. They graduated from specialized universities of fisheries, equipped with modern skills and spirit of "Honesty-Innovation-base-bridge ahead" of the Uni-President, they go around the countryside, the farms, became a bridge between farmers and Uni-President. Also, with them, Uni-President also has the distribution network covering all over from north to south of Vietnam. Through this force, the company can understand the thoughts and aspirations of consumers, strongly launched new products, present and persuade consumers about the benefits that they provide, support technical assistance and direct resellers, distributors of effective experience in business. Specific activities held by marketing team that are hundred waves of technical training, scientific conferences and organizing trips to prawn farms for staffs, and farmers also, as well as funding for the organization of international aquaculture. So, Uni-President to strengthen farmers' confidence and improve their understanding of aquaculture.

Taking satisfying customer as targets, market shares of Uni-President is increasingly expanding and is a leading brand in the field of aquatic animal feed. Having good quality, good service is build "good reputation and reasonable price" for customers. “Company continues to offer many different products in animal feed industry, flour, food, consistent with many customers, contributing to the fisheries and food of Vietnam for a more diversified development” Mr. Cheng said to promote those values.


At the time of entering Vietnam, Uni-President has seen itself as an enterprise in Vietnam, develop with Vietnam economy and taking care of Vietnamese people’s life. "Get from society must return to society" is the concept of the business, so annually, Uni-President often donates to charities helping the victims of natural disasters, funding for activities of the state… In the long term, Uni-President has been building its general business model of aquaculture in particular and the future direction for the other industries in general.

Based on the potential of Vietnam, the Board of Uni-President Vietnam is applying a general vertical business method, combining business strategy of prawn farms and frozen processing plants. This strategy to counter the entry of increasing competition and reduce the available risk of the aquaculture industry. Realize that vision, the company has invested USD 2.7 million to build a seed production factory for non-disease and bio-security (SPF). Parents prawn sources have clear origin, was imported from America and Africa. To meet the needs of export markets and traceability, Uni-President Vietnam commits to provide high quality seeds are not carriers of the disease and reduce the risk that popular in the prawn hatching period to bring benefits to farmers. At the same time, established a laboratory of aquatic animal diseases in order to help people monitor seed quality. In general, the integration business of the company will close links with all aspects of aquaculture development in Vietnam.

Goals and ambitions of Uni-President is building a strong brand, becoming the largest company in Southeast Asia's Uni-President Group, with Uni-President Taiwan, Uni-President China established a strong tripod in Asian economies. In fact, Uni-President Vietnam has become a company that has largest capital in Southeast Asia of Uni-President group, take the role as the most important point in the area. Now, taking advantage interdisciplinary production and business in Vietnam, the company has grown market share to other countries (such as fish feed exported to Malaysia, exports to Singapore, Europe, Africa noodles and water.

Orientation and suitable way is the key to improving market share, develop new industries, contributing to expansion of business activities of the Uni-President Vietnam group to other countries in the world in the near future away.

Today, going to the Song Than Industrial Zone 2, we witnessed the sequence of the container, continuously carrying shipments of Uni-President Vietnam go through four direction as demonstration of growing stature of the business. Nine years of operation is not long, help us to understand the continuous effort, endeavor of community and individual of Uni-President Vietnam. However, besides the joy, the General Director Cheng Wen Chin still worried: "Uni-President Vietnam still has much work to do to make this place become a home, a family for each member found the joy, happiness, long-term growth and sustainability.” The confidence is concern of a person who have a strong attachment to Uni-President almost his life, as a counsel, desire of a steady steps for Uni-President family in the future. We believe that his heart will be succeeded by the next generation because they clearly understand and comprehend spirit of the enterprise. So that, the committee of Uni-President Vietnam continues to promote the slogan "Three good-A logical" to help businesses overcome these turbulent times fiercely competitive global integration.