Because the territory of Vietnam is long and narrow, with many neighboring countries in South-Central Peninsula, in addition, it is located at the focal position of Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, 3200km long coast line, from the advantages of cooperation with investment promotion policy of the State of Vietnam for foreign investors since opening in 1988, with low labor costs, not a long time attracted attention and investment of foreign investor make Vietnam become an ideal country to set up factories, seized the opportunity from thousands of years, Uni-President Group decided to invest in Vietnam plant.

Uni-President Vietnam Co., Ltd. licensed to invest in Feb. 6, 1999, planned investment into six categories, including: Cattle feed industry, Fisheries food industry Wheat Industry, Food Industry, Water Industry, Vegetable Oil Industry with a total investment of USD 225,000,000 (two hundred twenty five million dollars), capital of USD 68,000,000 (sixty eight million dollars).

February 27, 2000, Chairman of the Board of Uni-President Group - Mr. Kao Chin Yen personally visited to Vietnam to presided over the groundbreaking ceremony in Binh Duong factory.

August 15, 2001, Breeding Food Production Plant was put into operation, and then December 15, 2001, instant noodles production plant put into operation. February 27, 2003, inaugurated Flour Factory and put into operation.

Because the factory is located in Song Than Industrial Park 2, Binh Duong Province, and Uni-President Vietnam Co., Ltd has the largest-scale investment in the manufacturing sector of Binh Duong Province, it has quickly become the standard commented business on the success of attracting foreign capital of the province.

The portfolio of Uni-President also in a pretty strong competitive industry, in the country competition is facing with the state company has a long history and occupies leading market, abroad are facing foreign investors, providing high level technical and strong capital, the domestic and foreign competition has caused Uni-President Vietnam Co., Ltd. many obstacles, but the entire company Uni-President Vietnam Ltd has created the image of excellence by maintaining the spirit of enterprise "Honestly – Diligent – Creativity – Progressive” and implement guideline of Uni-President Group "Three good - One Fairness" under the policy of the Honorary President - Mr. Wu Hsiu-Chi "Three Good” it is good quality - good credibility - good services, "One Fairness" means fair price. Therefore, less than 3 years since the plant for production of Animal feed putting in operation make a profit, while sales and profits of the company has grown to a large extent.

Results of the business of UNI last 4 year

Revenue (million VNĐ)



















Currently, the focus of foreign investment of Uni-President Group in China in addition, there is confidence in the economy is growing stronger at Asean, then the investment in Southeast Asia are classified into the core layout, planning and Southeast Asia with China link into an overall volume of production, consumption and trade. For Southeast Asia, the Uni-President Vietnam plant has the largest capital and the item of biggest investment, mainly based on beliefs about the potential economic development of Vietnam in the future and influence on Asean region, Uni-President Group conducts long-term investment and continued growth to meet immediate needs and future

Uni-President Vietnam Co., Ltd. set up the logistics department as Management Department, Finance Department, Purchasing Department, Department of Industry Services under Executive Management, to bring the whole effective resource management, business systems is planned in Food Interdisciplinary, The Foodstuffs Interdisciplinary, in which Food Interdisciplinary includes Fisheries industry, Cattle feed industry, Wheat Flour industry, Foodstuffs Interdisciplinary includes foodstuffs and drink industry.