In 2002, Uni-President Binh Duong Vietnam develop the project on construction of Flour Factory and in July 2003 the factory was officially put into operation. The entire production process is applied advanced milling technology from Buhler Switzerland brand which is best-known in the world. With advanced features such as stability for each product, reduce on arising problem as well as improvement on production efficiency, and under the constant effort of a professional team have demonstrated the output quality of products and high evaluation of consumers.


Social is growing with hurried and busy pace, people caught in the treadmill of work, quick meals and nutrition have become necessary need . Let Uni-President to serve your meal. Together for public health, with a experienced dietitians came from the Department of Nutrition of the famous University of Taiwan who have mission to bring the recipe for building a high nutritional products, constantly studied to make the most advanced products. Taking quality to the guideline for all activities, Uni-Presient proud to give out the market the high quality noodles. Instead of the usual Sot oils with the risk of heart disease if using with big amount, Uni-President has been using Palm oil, an oil usefull for health during. Also, the company added into the product E vitamin, which helps to prevent the aging process of cells, to produce the attractive yellow noodles filled with nutrients. Uni-President pledged not to use preservatives and antioxidants in their food.


Seafood department of the company was setup in 1999, the first time we imported goods from the corporation in Taiwan to sell, due to the development needs of the market in 2001, we built seafood food plant in Binh Duong, mainly produced the prawn food items and food for freshwater fish as well. For the convenience of the customer in central and northern area, we gradually set up a warehouse in Nha Trang and Da Nang, which aims to reduce transportation costs for customers. Along with the strong growth of the aquaculture industry in western region, due to market demand exceeds supply, so we built the second seafood plant in Tien Giang in 2006, mainly producing food for prawn and float food for freshwater as well.


August 2001, Uni-President began production of cattle food, our business concept is The “Three Good” and “One Fairness” (namely: Good quality, Good credibility, Good services, and Fair price). We use modern manufacturing techniques, the system of strict quality management to produce cattle food products to suit customer requirements, quickly build the brand in our customers.